What to Consider When Buying stock lot cotton fabric

stock lot cotton fabric is becoming more widely used as more people become interested in customisation and personalisation of items. These kinds of paints are also becoming more popular given our current economic times; people are seeking other ways to turn something old into something fresh and new. There are plenty of options available when using fabric paints. You could decorate items of clothing or create designs for t-shirts or customise linen items such as bags or items like tablecloths. Fabric paint can be useful if you want to be creative with these items and can bring colour and vibrancy to suit your personal tastes.
Usually fabric paints available from art suppliers are water-based paints that's are generally suited to be applied on washed linen, cotton and mixed fibres. The colours available span the whole colour spectrum giving you the opportunity to utilise colours that you are particularly fond of. Most modern paints offer the option of washing your fabric even after the paint is applied, and even with frequent washing they will still maintain vivacious and fresh colours. This is handy if you are personalise items of clothing and such. After applying fabric paint to a surface and allowing it to dry you can fix the image with an iron making it permanent.
One thing to consider is what stock lot cotton fabric to actually purchase. There are plenty of brands to choose from and any good art supplier will stock and advise upon the best fabric paint available. Ideally you want to invest in a brand that has a good reputation in the arts world and that offers paint which is not too thick or too thin. Thin paints could potentially seep out into the weave of the fabric, obviously blemishing or spoiling hard work and thicker paints may not be suitable for large areas. You don't want to buy anything that will become stiff once it has dried. Art is always about experimentation so the key to finding out what suits you personally is to try out the paint before you buy larger quantities.
Other elements to think about when becoming creating with stock lot cotton fabric is to implement other art materials like stencils for instance. You can make your own if you wish to use a personal design but they are also available to purchase. The use of stencils is common for duvet covers, curtains and other items like t-shirts. Preparing the fabric is also vital, prior to actually painting on it. It is important to clean the fabric without using any fabric softeners. It is also advisable to iron the fabric before applying any design to allow for a flat clean working surface. Then you are free to let your creative juices flow and paint on your chosen designs. http://www.stockfabric.com
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